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What is an Enigmatic Surrealist?

Caroline’s innovative art is lead by her minds eye. Nature, trees, flowers, sky, plants, provide inspiration, for her surreal paintings and drawings, leading her creativity to think of images that stretch the imagination and the bounds of vision.

This is an organic process which surprises even her, however, her passion is to produce images honestly and from the heart. Her hopes? That she meets people who resonate with her emotions and enthusiasm. Visit her oil paintings

Caroline has recently moved from her home of 15 years in Frome, Somerset to a new location in Pathlow, near Stratford-upon-Avon. A desire for a smaller house now her children have spread their wings, and a larger garden for her large dogs have stimulated the move with her husband. With a much larger garden she has been able to build a larger studio and looks forward to producing some brand new work to add to her already eclectic portfolio.

Caroline is a member of the Visual Artists Association and has a vast experience of exhibiting at both local and national exhibitions. She has also been involved with curating many exhibitions both small and large.